jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Write about your heroes: present, past, community, movies, personal and cartoons

Past hero: El chavo del ocho                                         

Present hero: Steve Jobs

Write about your plans after you graduate

*After graduate I want to go to Canada get a job there and have a family out Venezuela.
*After my graduation I want to buy a new aparment, a new car... to buy all new.
*After my graduation of Industrial Engineering I want to do a postgrade in management.

Write about what you'd like and like to do

* I like to visit North America but I'd like to visit Europe.
* I like to go out with friend on weekend's but I'd like to sleep a little more.
* I like to spend much money but I'd like to have a lot of money.

Write about your bad habits and bad qualities

Well, I think that I spend much money on weekend's because I go out with friends to drink and dance but I enjoy that. I'm lazy for something sometime.

Write a short paragraph about things you need to change

In my opinion I think that the only one thing that I want to change is My body type because I'm chubby, The rest I think that all is Excellent.